Take Healthy Meal Prep Into Your Own Hands

Master the art of creating mindful habits through a time-saving and optimized home cooking course.

Does Cooking Stress You Out? Are you someone that struggles with cooking? Is planning your weekly meals your worst nightmare? We understand the stress that comes with weeknight meal prep. And we have the perfect solution to help you gain control over your life and your meals. Introducing our course – Dinner Plan Weekly. Change Your Lifestyle, One Meal At A Time Dinner Plan Weekly equips you with the right skills and information to walk the path towards a healthier life. With tips, tricks, and effective ways to meal prep with zero stress, the course is designed to help you create healthy habits. I have over 15 years of experience helping people implement healthy diets. Combining my mastery of efficiency and flavor with a strong background in teaching puts me in a great position to teach you how to do the same. Join hundreds of people and see your kitchen life becoming easier

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Supportive environment

With live weekly sessions that include course videos, hands-on assignments, and live events, you get the chance to learn every single day.
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Social proof: testimonials

“The soup was delicious and I made the lasagna into a ziti dish instead. When do you usually update for the current menu? Can’t wait to see what’s next. ” - Kym


I've been struggling with an auto-immune disorder for a long time. Eating healthy is a key factor in my healing process and everyday function but with my busy work-life I struggle to make that transition. This program was key. Its a great method that saves me time, energy and most important, delicious!

“I can’t believe how quickly we made all this food” - Ellen


I have been trying to transition into vegan eating for some time. I lack basic cooking skills and it always seemed daunting to me. With this program Ofri showed me how to easily prepare myself meals. Over time I noticed how it has become second nature. I get it done and I am all set for the week.

“The reason I don’t like to cook is washing dishes, there were hardly any dishes and I finished your course” - Amber


This program is like having a chef, only the chef is me! The efficiency of this program makes even cleaning after yourself easy and simple

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  • More than just recipes

    With the Dinner Plan Weekly course, you gain insight into food and nutrition beyond just recipes. The whole idea is centered around a system that will make your life easier by creating habits and taking the struggle out of everyday cooking.

  • Motivating

    Our approach ensures that you don’t feel demotivated to make your meals by incorporating a carefully curated routine system into your everyday cooking.

  • Habit forming

    Our approach helps you form mindful habits that are here to last. Being creatures of habit, the course helps people to take the pressure of home-cooked meals.

  • Nutrition oriented

    We don’t just count calories. Instead, we focus on nutrition. We help you get the best nutritional value out of anything you cook.

  • Flavor Mastery

    One of the biggest challenges for cooks is creating great flavors. In this program we teach you how flavor is created and how various seasoning fit together. Ask us about the flavor matrix.

Delicious weekly sessions

With live weekly sessions that include video courses, hands-on assignments, and live events, you get the chance to learn every single day.

Easy and simple system

Our goal is to make your life simple, whether our exercises or our recipes. We give you a stress-free and simplified route to curating your flavorful meals.

Boost Your Cooking Skills

Discover little-known meal prep tips and hacks to save time. Learn everything you need to know about ingredients and cooking techniques, as well as ways to save on cleaning dishes.

Spend more time doing what you love

Our course is custom-built to help you simplify and reduce your time on meal prep. It is curated specifically for newbies, amateurs, and even pro cooks struggling with eating healthy.

Why Choose This Yummy Course?

  • Enjoy Delicious & Nutritious Food

  • Spend Your Time In The Kitchen Wisely

  • Have More Free Time

  • Discover Cost-Effective Yet Yummy Recipes

  • Reduce Stress And Live A Healthier Life

  • Sustainable method that will change your life for good

  • Save money on your food budget

Bonus material

Vegetable min-courses

  • Vegetable courses

    Did you know that vegetables also need to be understood? Get to know one vegetable at a time with these min-courses. Once you understand each vegetable better you can cook it better. Recipes included!

  • Cooking classes

    Diversify your cooking experience by learning about new ingredients and exotic cuisines. My cooking school offers a wide variety of cooking classes from around the world, you can see some of those classes here and learn how to spice up your life!

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    DPW is a weekly meal plan for vegans and omnis. You pay monthly but receive your recipes weekly, on Wednesday, The recipes come with recommended steps in order to make your prep as smooth as possible. The recipes and prep are optimized in order to save you time, money and clean-up!


    My rule of thumb is up to four days in an airtight container in the fridge. Some food can last a bit longer, some should be eaten within three days.


    I use glass containers to store my cooked food. I always let meals cool down 30-40 mins before sealing in an airtight container and storing in the fridge. Letting the food cool uncovered will prevent sogginess as well as protect the other foods in your fridge.


    I save you time prepping by: Making the meals overlap and reuse the same items such as rice. Keeping the recipes simple Treating the meals as one meal and chopping everything at once


    I use glass containers, usually Pyrex. They are durable, have a flexible cover so when you freeze food the container doesn't crack. Glass is best because it doesn't contaminate your food, easy to clean and environmental. Treating the meals as one meal and chopping everything at once. More FAQ on the website


    I don’t have to worry about motivation because cooking is a habit. I do it automatically every week. This is why I offer this service because that’s what I want to happen to you too! The real “motivation” comes from how easy it is. The nature of family life is based in routine. Routine helps us be organized. When we break our routine we feel the consequences like a domino affect. Staying on a meal plan helps me relax and not having to worry about food.

  • People often ask me during cooking classes: "do you cook like this for your family?" "Do you cook every night"?

    The answer is "yes" and "no". The key is to cook delicious food with great variety without cooking every evening. Streamline your dinner and lunch, this is what this service is about.


    No. Calories can be very deceiving. I focus on what your body needs, lots of high quality carbs from vegetables, healthy fats and protein. By eating an anti inflammatory diet you are helping your body in so many ways, losing weight is one of them. to read more check article out by Dr. Mark Hyman


    Finding my perfect portion size took some trial and error. I realized that restaurant portion sizes were way too big for someone my size who also sits for 10-15 hours a day. (I know) The basic portion sizes that we want to aim for are this: 4 oz of protein, 1/2 cup of grains and 2 cups of veggies per meal. You can always add another portion so you can have leftovers for lunch

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Intentions and expectations-week 2

    • Intentions, expectations and habits

    • Intentions assignment

  • 3

    Skills and techniques

    • Knife skills

    • Pots and pans-Info session

    • Sautéing

    • 6. Dressings

  • 4

    Ingredients and the magic of flavor

    • Oil, sugar, spices and the Flavor matrix

  • 5

    Gluten free breads

    • The AMAZING 1 ingredient GF bread

    • Health low carb granola

    • Low carb, yet delicious crackers

    • Quick breads

  • 6

    1 HR week

    • Our system

  • 7

    The meal program

    • Week 1 meal plan for Omnivores-CHIMICHURRI

    • Week 1 meal plan for Vegans- CHIMMICHURRI

    • Week 2- meal plan for omnivores- PEANUTS

    • Week 2- meal plan for vegans- PEANUTS

    • Week 3- meal plan for omnivores- SOFRITO

    • Week 3- meal plan for vegans-SOFRITO

    • Week 4- meal plan for omnivores- CHINESE

    • Week 4-meal plan for vegans-CHINESE

    • Week 5-meal plan for omnivores-MOROCCAN HARISSA

    • Week 7- meal plan for vegans-MOROCCAN HARISSA

    • Week 6- meal plan for omnivores LEMON WEEK

    • Week 6- meal plan for vegans LEMON WEEK

    • Week 8- meal plan for omnivores-CACCIATORE

    • Week 9- meal plan for omnivores-CASHEWS

    • Thank you!

  • 8

    Vegetable courses and recipes

    • Vegetable courses

    • Cauliflower

    • Cauliflower

    • Zucchini

    • Zucchini video

    • Eggplant

    • Eggplant video

    • Butternut squash